Next Volume! + Extras!

Posted by Prathik Paramesh on

Hi everyone, first blog post! this is mainly a spot to consolidate all the news and updates (instead of social media) so when you guys check back you'll see whats been happening!

So due to the Corona Virus outbreak in January in China basically wasnt possible to have another volume (we had a very short volume in December, which a few people missed out on) but during that was able to work on new designs and they should be getting finished.

Also had a proper stock check of all the inventory from past volumes, so lots of older designs have been placed on the store also with a 25% discount so please check it out if you like any! some designs will not be coming back in the near future.

Now regarding the next volume (Volume 7) a rough idea would be June, so please stay tuned for that!

As always please check our pin store we usually have new things going up there regularly at (instagram:

and our comic book designs store at (

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